About us

Grow super healthy organic plants with our proven natural soil mix - premium UK sourced inputs – for all serious growers!

We started the company to help organic gardeners find an easy way to grow the best plants possible with a tried and tested natural system that gives amazing results over and over again. We want an end to synthetic fertiliser and pseudo-organic inputs and believe we can get back to all homes having an organic garden like we used to. Our system is based on using a mix of botanical nutrient accumulators, raw minerals and active soil life. The ultimate aim is to re-create what we would find in nature in a highly fertile environment, with a diverse and active eco-system that sustains life forever and ever.

We are the first and only specialist for organic and living soil in the UK. We can provide pre-mixed living soil or create custom blends and individual amendments and inputs. We also carry a range of specialist tools and essentials to help make growing organically easy and successful.

We pride ourselves on the ingredients we use in our soils, the quality of the input is everything to us. We have found that many people want to grow organically but don’t really understand the concept or what is required. They end up adopting a semi-organic approach using unsustainable peat based soils and waste product bottled feeds. Some are doing it well and getting pretty good results but they are missing some key elements and it's never going to be as good as it could.

If you have the intention to grow organically, we can now help you do it with confidence. We don’t use any slaughterhouse products, no blood or bone, no hoof or horn or feather. We can trace all of our inputs back to source, and they all either grown organically in the ground or collected sustainable from the sea. How many bottle growers can tell you what is in their fertilizers?

We thoroughly check the sources and quality of every product we use and try to source as locally as possible. Every ingredient is either certified organic, approved by the Soil Association or is the cleanest and purest we could find.

We want you to be able to use our soil to grow plants with water only, just like they do in nature. Nobody is fertilizing the forest so there is no need for additional plant feed to ensure the very highest quality and quantity of produce. However, it is essential to develop and maintain the soil life – bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, arthropods, worms and other creatures that feed on each other and build the ecosystem as we know it. It is these living organisms that work with the plant, to break down natural sources of nutrients and minerals and make them available to the plant as they need them. It is a team effort, the plants in return feed the soil with carbohydrates and the cycle keeps on going around and around, year after year.

Many ask what they can do to feed their soil life, to create more diversity and enhance the nutrient cycling of their soil so their plants have the best chance of expressing their full potential. If you want to help boost your soil life there are a few extra inputs we recommend, but we tend not to get excited about the latest fad products. For us it’s all about keeping it simple… once you have the right soil, very little else is needed and now you too can join the elite growers who are producing the finest products for the least cost, and make the world a better place!

Unique benefits, no one else can offer

We provide a one-stop-shop for people who want to grow their own container based plants - organically, naturally and sustainably, without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.
SoilforLife is exactly what is says - you buy it once and keep it as an investment in your families future, it will provide nutritious food forever, and if well maintained will get better and better season after season. You don't even need to know how to grow because when you build the soil correctly, the plants are in control, and they grow themselves, just like they've been doing for years!

Hand Mixed
100% Natural
100% Sustainable
No Secret Ingredients
No Preservatives
No Chemicals
No Synthetics
Alive with Worms & Microbes