Alfalfa Chop Mulch – 12L
February 5, 2021
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RootMASS 60 Gal (245L) Fabric Pot – Black
February 5, 2021

Alfalfa Chop Mulch – 3L


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Alfalfa Chop Mulch

Alfalfa Chop is the stalks and stems left over after the leaves are removed for animal feed. It is less ‘green’ and more ‘brown’ but still contains a good level of N compared to Hemp Shiv or Barley Straw.

It contains minerals and nutrients not present in other plants due to it’s deep roots that pull elements from where other plants can’t reach. Therefore by using as mulch it helps to add nutrition to the soil as well as protect it.

We like to use in combination with Hemp Shiv or Barley Straw to create a nice balanced mulch.

Available in 3L & 12L compostable paper bags

Additional info…

All products are natural and seasonal variations can occur, the packaging of each product will detail the typical analysis which is relevant to the batch/cut within the bag. Below are this product’s specification ranges to give an indication of the seasonal variations that can occur for this product.

Below are the most up to date figures specific to this product:

Major Minerals
Calcium % 0.88
Phosphorus % 0.13
Sodium % 0.06
Potassium % 2.44
Magnesium % 0.13
Chloride % 0.54
Sulphur % 0.14

Minor Minerals
Copper mg/kg 6
Manganese mg/kg 12
Zinc mg/kg 19
Iron mg/kg 99
Selenium mg/kg 0.41




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