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Amblyseius Cucumeris – Sachet with Hook x200 (Thrip)


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In the UK and Europe, Thrips are a common pest. They are abundant in nature, easily spotted on Nettles and many other annual plants in spring and summer. In agriculture they prey on many crops that when harvested cause mass Thrip population exodus, which causes waves of infections of everyone else’s gardens in the vicinity.

They should be expected, and therefore prevention is paramount.

Good news is with Amblyseius Cucumeris slow release sachets you can just hang on your plants every 6 weeks and be sure you always have an army on patrol hunting out any potential unwanted visitors.

They work by patrolling the soil and lower sections of the plant for any Thrip that are emerging and trying to morph to the next stage of life. By breaking the breeding cycle you stop the infestation and by getting on it early it makes a very unpleasant environment for Thrips to want to dwell.

We recommend replacing the sachet every 6 week, try to keep clean and dry and hang on the lower branches. They can tolerate normal grow room temps, so not too hot or too cold (min 18c max 27c)

They will breed and be more effective in warmer temps, but so will Thrip so your environment is also key to prevention.


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