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January 10, 2019
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Earthcycle Compost

Cow Compost – 40L


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Earthcycle Compost

Cow Compost

Our Cow Compost is a special blend of recycled plant material, plus manure from an organic dairy herd to further enhance the microbial diversity and nutritional content. The way a Cow processes it’s food, means it is in the perfect form to develop into superior compost when added with the right amount of green matter.

We prefer to use a Cow Compost in organic living soil as it is the way we have farmed forever, working in partnership with animals to create a happy world for everyone!


Nutrients Total mg/litre Water Soluble mg/litre
Nitrogen (N) 15231 79
Phosphorous (P) 788 43
Potassium (K) 3359 1556
Calcium (Ca) 9418 124
Magnesium (Mg) 1062 34
Sulphur (S) 730 98
Iron (Fe) 4106 33

Typical Properties*:
Bulk Density 0.525 g/litre
PH 8.8
Electrical Conductivity 1365 us/cm

PLEASE NOTE – Although the compost is thoroughly cleaned during production, some debris does get through the screens so it is recommended you wear protective gloves when mixing and ensure to take care for any sharp pieces that may need to be removed by hand.


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