Eco-Life Starter Kit – 1 Pot 1 Plant – Just Add Water
June 7, 2019
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June 18, 2019

Eco-Life Starter Kit – 1 Pot 1 Plant – Water Plus


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If you want to get the vert best from your Eco-Life soil, this kit includes everything you need to get started plus some specially selected extras to tweak things a bit further.

1x Eco-Life 40L
1x 39L Fabric Pot
1x Crimson Clover Cover Crop 35g
1x 200g Live Worms (sent direct from farm)
1x Wheat Straw Mulch
1x Ecothrive Biosys 50g
1x Aloe Vera Powder 200g

Guide to use…

1. Fill pot with soil
2. Release the worms
3. Sprinkle cover crop
4. Cover with 1/2 bag straw mulch
5. Water in with 4-6l of Biosys
6. Wait for cover crop to sprout
7. Keep soil surface moist until cover crop is established
8. Transplant seedlings or clones, water in with Biosys
9. Water ongoing as plant requires, keeping soil moist whilst being careful not to over water
10. Use aloe powder as drench 1/4 teaspoon per l, once per week

Use any waste leaves, branches or other plant material as additional ongoing mulch.

Let the plant grow itself!


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