Eco-Life (with added Pumice)
August 6, 2019
10 gal Black
RootMASS 10 Gal (39L) Fabric Pot – Black
August 13, 2019
Hort Pumice

Eco-Life (with added Pumice & Bio-Char)


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A custom blend of our Eco-Life Supercharged Potting Soil with added Pumice for long term aeration making it more suitable for notill growing. We also add our new Bio-Char to this version which increases microbial diversity, additional aeration and long term moisture retention. Bio-Char also improves the carbon content of the soil and helps improve the overall conditions for optimal soil performance.

Hand blended and re-bagged in 50l sacks.

Ideal for growers who want to go notill from the start but want a Sphagnum Peat based soil rather than a Coco based one like our Soil for Life.

All the benefits of our new Eco-Life soil but bulked up to from the start to avoid the need to add aeration at a later date if using continuously. The ultimate Peat based soil!

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