Hypoaspis Miles x25,000 (Fungus Gnat)
May 2, 2020
Green Lacewing Larvae x500 (Aphid)
May 2, 2020

Fungus Gnat Bundle


Fungus Gnats although may appear harmless are vectors for many pathogens and other pests so it is important to monitor their presence and eradicate quickly. Unfortunately, growing in organic systems means you are often creating environments that will attract Fungus Gnats but the good news is they are easy and cost effective to defeat with natural methods.

We have found that using combinations of predator species, in the correct way, is more effective and cheaper than sprays or chemical alternatives.

With the use of both Steinernema Feltiae & Hypoapsis Miles, Gnats don’t stand a chance. Therefore we have created this bundle for anyone to use preventatively, or in the instance of an outbreak.

The Hypo’s just need to be tipped into the medium and allowed to roam. The Steiner’s need to be mixed with water and drenched into the medium (it is important to apply them evenly so just mix a little with water and apply to each plant rather than making one batch for all).

This bundle is enough to treat up to 2m x 2m grow spaces, bigger packs are available for larger applications if needed.


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