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July 14, 2020
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Indorg Ground-Up – 300G


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A blend of organic dried and powdered plants that provide additional benefits to the soil – helping to drive more diverse microbiology and deliver a greater balance of trace elements and minerals.

Contains Kelp, Alfalfa, Nettle, Hemp, Spirulina, Horsetail & Aloe – the perfect blend of beneficial accumulator plants that deliver every mineral on the periodic table in the perfect ratios for healthy and vigorous plant growth. The improved health in the soil will allow the plant to express itself to it’s maximum potential, boosting yields and quality beyond what has been possible before now.

Can be used to top dress, 1-2 tablespoon per 15gal in veg and early bloom – just dust the surface of the medium and water in. Can also be mixed with water, strained and used as a foliar application.

Tea’s can be made with Plant Powder but we don’t recommend brewing for more than 24hrs – best used fresh as the microbial development will happen once it’s in the soil mix 1 tablespoon per gallon.

Can also be added to soil mixes, 1 pack per 50l soil.


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