Neem Meal – 1KG
October 4, 2016

Kelp Meal – 1KG

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Kelp Meal

Kelp Meal is an awesome tool in an organic gardeners tool kit because it provides so many benefits. It is a species of seaweed collected from the cold clean waters of the North Sea and North Atlantic called Ascophyllum Nodosum, commonly known as Norwegian Kelp, or Brown Kelp. It grows in the sea but is not technically a plant and does not have a root system so instead must gets all of it’s mineral nutrition from the sea water. The good thing is the ocean contains all the minerals on the periodic table and Kelp is therefore able to easily acquire everything it needs, promoting fast growth of up to 1m per day. It is able develop strong systems that show as high levels of natural hormones and amino acids, it has all the vitamins and minerals it needs, enzymatic activity is maximised and can reach lengths of up to 100m.

As an organic gardener we are always looking for ways to improve the health of our soils and in turn our plants. Kelp has been proven to offer many benefits, not just nutritional, but also in the way it helps to develop microbial life and drive the lesser known functions orchestrated by hormones and enzymes. Kelp covers all minerals and trace elements, but is especially abundant in some of the key plant nutrients like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sulphur and good levels of Zinc, Copper, Phosphorus. Of course, being that it is sourced from the sea, it does also contain moderate levels of Sodium so this is why we don’t use too much – natures way of maintaining sustainability!

As well as offering mineral nutrition, Kelp stimulates root development and encourages plants to grow more extensive root systems. This means we can expect to see increase plant vigour and vitality, higher yields and more resistance to stress. It also helps to build greater resistance to diseases and pests by helping the plant boost it’s own natural defences. Many growers also swear by Kelp when germinating seeds, as it helps young plants get established much quicker. Of course, one of the reasons why Living Soil works is the life within it, and Kelp also promotes the growth of soil life.

Kelp also contains good levels of natural hormones such as Cytokinins, Indoles, Auxins and Gibberellins for assisting the mobility of essential nutrients, promoting cell development and elongation and result in bigger stronger plants, that grow faster and produce bigger yields. Many products on the market try to isolate one of these individual hormones to market as magic potions but why bother when you can have it all in one?

Directions for use:

When making a new soil blend, adding 1-2 cups of Kelp Meal per 50L of final mix works wonders, but can also be applied to existing soil or other mediums but just top dressing and watering in. A light dusting on the surface every few weeks will allow the goodness to make its way in over time, delivering a gentle but highly beneficial tonic for the soil and plants.

Kelp Meal can be used as a soil drench and foliar spray by steeping 1 tablespoon per L water for 12 hrs


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  1. 5 out of 5


    A must have amendment for organic growers! Add a little bit to your seedling soil mix for all those elements, stimulants and more, great for all stages of growth and time of stress for the plant!

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