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Earthcycle Compost

Premium Dairy Cow Compost – 40L

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Cow Compost

Vintage farmyard manure plus fine composted bark gives a quality humus and soil amendment.

Our new Cow Compost is based on traditional farmyard manure from straw bedded cattle yards. The cattle farm in Herefordshire works to the highest standard we can find and we are happy this is the best commercially available compost on the market. The stable bedding and manure is dried and shredded, then mixed with fine, composted bark to get a good balance of bacterial and fungal microbes. The carbon in the bark locks up the ammonia from the composting manure, providing long term nutrition.

The way cows process their food means it is in the perfect form to develop into superior compost when added with the right amount of organic matter.

Ideal for adding to new soil blends or ongoing top dressing…

– Light, easy and pleasant to handle
– Improves soil structure and fertility
– Perfectly blended and rich in nutrition
– Improves drainage and aeration
– Improves water holding capacity
– Helps establish plants rootzones
– PH neutral
– Peat free
– No green waste

We prefer to use a Cow Compost in organic living soil as it is the way we have farmed forever, working in partnership with animals to create a happy world for everyone!


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