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January 9, 2018
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Soil for Life – Starter Kit


Everything you need to grow a fantastic plant from seed to harvest, just the basics to keep it simple.

Kit includes:

1x Soil for Life 50l/15gal
1x 15gal Black Fabric Pot
1x Mulch
1x Crimson Clover Cover Crop 35g
1x 200g Live Worms
1x Aloe Vera Powder 200g

How to use….

1. Fill your Fabric Pot with the Soil for Life and add the Worms. We like to save some soil to top off the pot with as the plant grows.
2. Sprinkle the Cover Crop and lay down the Mulch, it should be a few inches thick to stop the soil getting any direct light.
3. Mix 1 teaspoon of Aloe with 4l of water and gently wet the soil (water over the Mulch) as evenly as possible, take care and use a watering can.
4. Allow the water level to even out and then water with another 2l to re-wet the top layer. The top layer will dry first so you just need to keep this moist without overwatering the pot (it will sink to the bottom so be careful)
5. Once the Clover has sprouted and broken through the Mulch, you can plant in your first clone or seedling….

Weight 25 kg


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