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Soil for Life – Pro
October 10, 2018
Vermicompost – 20L
October 11, 2018

Soil for Life – Ultimate



Soil for Life Ultimate is now made with a 3 part base mix of Laverstoke Park Farm Compost, Applecart Worm Castings, Coco Coir & Buckwheat Hulls, with added natural amendments to give your plants everything they need to sustain optimal health and vigour, as well as maximising yield, flavour and aroma potential. It is an Organic Living Soil, alive with microbes ready to work with your plants to build a soil food web, an ecosystem in your pots, to replicate what’s been happening in nature since the dawn of time.

You keep it forever, never throw it away or disturb the soil and it will get better cycle after cycle. We add Neem Meal, Kelp Meal, Fish Meal & Krill Meal for nutrition plus Gypsum & Volcanic Rock Dust for all other essential minerals.

We also now add Ecothrive Charge to increase diversity of microbes and give the soil an extra boost!

The Ultimate version is improved further by adding Pumice & BioChar to improve structure, aeration and homes for microbes, as well as long term nutrient release and boosted microbial diversity.

Our soil is designed to do all the hard work for you, in the front end ahead of time, so it’s easy to grow amazing plants with just water alone. The soil needs to be kept moist but not wet and the minimum volume we recommend is 60gal/220l per m2. If you keep it in good condition, add continuous mulch and occasionally a top dress kit, you can use the same body of soil forever.

Ask if you need any advice on how to get the best from your Soil for Life!

We advise 1 bag of Soil for Life Pro per 15gal Fabric Pot – add 200g Live Worms per pot – plant a cover crop – cover with mulch


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