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Spider Mite Bundle (Large)


Spider Mites are a common pest in the UK, but easily dealt with by using a combination of specialist predators.

We prefer to use both Amblyseius Andersoni & Phytoselius Persimilis in combination for quick results!

It is obviously better to deploy the predators at the earliest sign of pests but this combo pack will do the job in most gardens up to 5m2 even if an infestation has gone un noticed.

All you need to do is sprinkle a little of each into every pot, on the soil and on the plant foliage (not recommended in bloom) and let them go to work.

They will establish a population and feed on the Spider Mites until they have been eradicated.

Predators can take some time to gain control if the infestation is bad so we recommend preparing the area by removing any marked leaves and maintaining max temps of 26c – Mites breed twice as fast at each degree over 26c so environment control can actually help you control pest outbreaks too.

Once the Mites have been eradicated, the predators will continue to live in your mulch layer waiting for anything else to show up. If you have any reoccurring outbreaks, the existing predators will come to the rescue. Of course, it will take time for them to re-establish their population so they may need a boost at certain times but by utilising predators you can avoid sprays completely.

Kit contains:

Andersoni x25,000
Persimilis x10,000


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