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Spider Mite Bundle



Red Spider Mite are a common pest for indoor growers, they are often passed around on infected clones and thrive in the environments we create for our plants. If not identified and dealt with quickly, they can rapidly get out of hand, devastating entire crops.

Spider Mites are especially damaging because if they infest a grow room in flower, the crop cannot be saved and needs to be destroyed. Unlike most pests which mostly only effect the leaves, Spider Mites damage flowers as well with their webs, and they cannot be cleaned off.

Therefore, it is essential to identify early and go to war hard! We use a combination of 2 predator species which will seek out the Mites on the plants and eat any adults, eggs or larvae they find. This is unfortunately another reason why these predator species that hunt Spider Mites should not be used in bloom as they will be active in the flowers if so.

We recommend that if you have flowering plants infested to remove the plants carefully by bagging them in the room, sealing them at the base and removing carefully. Remove anything from the room that may contain any Mites or eggs, they can hide and hibernate almost anywhere. Fully clean down with organic cleaner before setting up again.

If in vegetative growth it is worth fighting as the Mites can be eradicated with zero damage to the plants and will leave the area once all mites have been dispatched and their food source is depleted. If you grow in living soil with a healthy active mulch layer, some may remain on guard for a while in case of any missed eggs that may hatch later.

Our Spider Mite Predator Bundle includes 1x 25,000u Bottle of Amblyseius Andersoni & 1x 2,000u Bottle of
Phytoseiulus Persimilis. You should try to deploy each of the contents of the bottles on and around your plants so they are within the immediate vicinity of the pests.

Environment control is important for maximum effectiveness, not to cool or dry is best.


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