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Steinernema Feltiae x250,000,000 (Fungus Gnat)


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Steinernema Feltiae are nematodes for Fungus Gnats/Scarid Fly larvae

50,000,000 in a plastic box

Type: Microscopic nematodes.

How it works: A special formulation for spraying, the nematodes swim through a film of water & enter the mine to attack & kill the larva within.

Species controlled: More than 230 insect pests are susceptible, including: Black Vine Weevils, Cabbage Root Maggots, Codling Moth Larvae, Corn Earworm, Cucumber Beetles, Cutworms, Flea Beetles, Flea Larvae, Fungus Gnat Larvae, Japanese Beetle Larvae, Root Maggots, Sod Webworms & Wireworms, Leafminer, Western Flower Thrips & all ants but will target any other bug they come into contact with on their travels.

When to use: At any time of the year, ideal at temperatures above 16°C. Do not use under strong lights or when the sprayed crop is likely to dry within 3 to 4 hours. A series of 4 or 5 weekly sprays is best to control a population.

Preventative: 50 million per 400 m2or 250 million per 2000 m2.

Standard control: 50 million per 200 m2or 250 million per 1000 m2.

Top tip – Make sure to mix a little with water and drench each pot, don’t mix the whole pack into a res and water from there because they sink to the bottom and will not be distributed evenly.


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