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Top Dress Kit – 8L (4 Pot Kit)


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Our new Top Dress Kit is to re-amend your soil at the end of each cycle, or to boost microbiology and nutrition mid-stage. This pack contains Compost, Vermicompost and Amendments to feed your soil with essential microbes, enzymes and raw nutrition.

It is all you need to amend soil at the start of a new cycle, or to apply in longer cycles to ensure the soil life is at it’s optimum.

Each kit is designed for 4x 15gal pot. If applying to beds or raw earth we recommend 1 kit per m2.

Can also be used to make a Compost Emulsion by mixing with water, allowing to steep for 12 hrs, straining and applying as drench or foliar.

Is great to fix any unknown deficiencies, can be used in soil or coco. Just spread it evenly and water in as usual!

Apply the Vermicompost, then dust on the Amendments and then cover with the Compost. Sow a new cover crop or apply mulch as preferred.


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