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Wild Meadow Mulch


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Mulch is essential for a living soil as it represents the autumn fall, the dropped leaves and branches, that decomposes to feed the next generation.

With notill growing, the whole point is to minimise what you take from the soil, in most cases it should just be the fruit, and all other plant matter should be added back onto the soil for the soil life to work on.

You should be able to produce most of the mulch you need from the byproducts from harvests and plant maintenance but adding some extra for a good thick layer is always recommended.

Mulch will keep the top layer of the soil moist, help reduce watering and create the perfect environment for the top layer microbes and worms.

Of course, as always with living soil, the quality and diversity of your inputs is key, so we look for the best Mulch we can find. Ours comes from the British meadows of Berkshire, grown organically and hand harvested. It is a mixture of grasses and wildflowers for varied nutrition so don’t be surprised if something pretty pops up!

We sell it in small bags, one per pot. Replace it as it breaks down.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 30 cm


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