Neoseiulus Californicus – 100x Slow Release Sachet (Spider Mite)
October 17, 2018
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January 10, 2019

Amblyseius Swirskii – 100x Waterproof Slow Release Sachets (Thrip)


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Thrip Sachet

Type: Predatory mite that is used to control Thrips, it will also provide some reduction in other small pest species.

How it works: Amblyseius Swirskii breed extremely quickly under warm, humid conditions. These slow release sachets contains eggs that will hatch and then seek food, usually for around 4-6 weeks from deployment. Place sachets at the base of plants and hanging from lower branches.

*Best used for prevention rather than treatment (please see Thrip Predator Bundle for eradication of an existing infestation)

They will also survive in cooler night temperatures & through winter months in semi-protected crops. Actively feeds on thrips larvae (larva stage 1 or L1), on whitefly eggs & can feed on young whitefly larva (L1).

Species Controlled: Western Flower Thrips, Chili Thrips, Onion Thrips, Greenhouse Whitefly, Silverleaf/Potato Whitefly.
When To Use: Ideal for use on protected crops in warm conditions, such as peppers, cucumbers, gerbera & eggplant. It can be used on non-protected crops, provided that average daytime temperatures exceed 68°F/20°C.


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